Experience Provençal tradition at Gajan

10 minutes from Nîmes, Gajan, a small Gardonnenque village, with a rich Gallo‐Roman history stretching back for millennia, is ideally located between Cévennes and Camargue.

Le Domaine de Candoule reveals the wealth and identity of Gajan with its hillside views of a mosaic of vineyards.

Our available plots

20 serviced plots available
From 280 m² to 680 m²

From €79,900

N° Lot
N° Lot28
Living area332 m²
Price85 900 €
N° Lot17
Living area361 m²
Price95 900 €
N° Lot46
Living area361 m²
Price100 900 €
N° Lot51
Living area365 m²
Price94 900 €
N° Lot44
Living area368 m²
Price100 900 €
N° Lot45
Living area368 m²
Price95 900 €
N° Lot33
Living area376 m²
Price95 900 €
N° Lot19
Living area377 m²
Price95 900 €
N° Lot40
Living area380 m²
Price93 900 €
N° Lot47
Living area382 m²
Price100 900 €
N° Lot53
Living area387 m²
Price90 900 €

N° Lot
N° Lot42
Living area400 m²
Price95 900 €
N° Lot50
Living area406 m²
Price90 900 €
N° Lot41
Living area411 m²
Price95 900 €
N° Lot3
Living area418 m²
Price102 900 €
N° Lot43
Living area419 m²
Price102 900 €
N° Lot39
Living area427 m²
Price100 900 €
N° Lot52
Living area437 m²
Price101 900 €

N° Lot
N° Lot7
Living area680 m²
Price127 900 €

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Main distances

  • Fons ‐ 2km
  • Saint Mamert du Gard ‐ 2 km
  • La Calmette ‐ 5 km
  • Saint‐Geniès‐de‐Malgoires ‐ 5 km
  • Nîmes ‐ 10min ‐ 12km
  • Beaches – 50 min
  • Montpellier – 1 h


  • Local shops
  • Supermarket in La Calmette (5 km)


  • Primary schools in Gajan
  • Secondary school in Saint‐Geniès‐de‐Malgoires: 7 km (10 min)
  • Secondary school in Nîmes: 15 km (15 min)


Pays de Gardonnenque: the exceptional surroundings of Gard Provençal

Not to be missed in Gard

  • The legacy of the Romans: the amphitheatres, the Jardins de la Fontaine, the Maison Carré Roman temple in Nîmes and the famous Pont du Gard aqueduct...
  • Breathtaking splendours: Cévennes National Park, an oxygen bubble of greenery in Gard, the Bamboo Park in Anduze, the Gardon Gorges, the Sautadet waterfalls...
  • Picturesque beauty that defies time: four of France’s Most Beautiful Villages (Aiguèze, Montclus, La Roque‐sur‐Cèze, Lussan), three Villages of Character (Barjac, Lussan, Vézénobres), 3 Towns of Art and History (Nîmes, Uzès, Beaucaire),
  • Exceptional UNESCO World Heritage sights: the Pont du Gard aqueduct, Saint‐Gilles Abbey and the beautiful landscapes of Les Causses and Cévennes.
  • The last beach resort before the horizon: Le Grau‐du‐Roi, Port Camargue, the number 1 marina in Europe,
  • The highest point in Gard: Mont Aigoual, a family‐oriented ski resort and the highest inhabited observatory in France.