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opus développement

Property developer and contractor in Montpellier, Hérault.

OPUS Développement is based in Montpellier and specialises in property and land development in Hérault (34), Gard (30) and Vaucluse (84). It offers a turnkey service from land searches through to delivery of farmhouses, country houses, apartments and plots for development.

30 years of experience in property, architecture and the environment

With its remarkable choice of sites in Languedoc-Roussillon and Provence (Gard, Hérault, Vaucluse), attentive design guaranteeing respect for historical architecture resolutely focused on sustainable development, OPUS Développement offers customers the chance of owning high value assets juxtaposed with a constant concern for architectural, landscape and environmental integration.

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The materials used, their size, the quality of the stone, the structure, columns and beams are all essential components lending emotion to the space. Even the tiniest details count in our quest for an authentic past married with contemporary harmony of space, a perfect balance for a relaxing, tranquil home.
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We are always looking to recreate a past dear to us. The shades of colour produced by quicklime mixed with pigments reveal a reflection of Provence in their subtlety. Hand-made tiles also recreate this spirit of traditional craft and authenticity that is shared by all our craftsmen. It makes our projects different and clearly recognisable.
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More than an idea, the village spirit is all about enhancement. Every home must provide added value to its neighbours through a different design approach, connecting pieces of the puzzle together. The whole makes up a village, the different homes enhancing one another and providing architectural coherence. Today, we live in secure condominium estates where peace reigns: a village spirit, a new life, a happy family environment.