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By virtue of his Provencal routes, Alain CLAUZEL chose to set up his business in the south of France, illustrating his desire to remain and work in this much-loved and beautiful region. Through OPUS Développement, Alain CLAUZEL's practice perpetuates the architectural savoir-faire born from the communion between Provencal landscapes, with their particular luminescence, and the personality of the local population.

This love for Provence and the Provence experience nourish our imagination and are a permanent source of inspiration, like a caring and benevolent guide leading us through our projects designed by architect Alain CLAUZEL and produced by OPUS Développement.

We want to share this region's very typical lifestyle through an environment where relaxation, authenticity, balance and serenity are part of our permanent quest. We want to build a place of true happiness for you. And we're sure you will love it!

As Stendhal said, «beauty is a promise of happiness» so when designing and building a property much realism and care is required. Here again, we use every ounce of our energy and expertise, enjoying the fact that architect Alain CLAUZEL was named « National Habitat Award Winner ».
Managed in perfect synergy by the CLAUZEL architecture practice and our company OPUS Développement, every one of our projects is subjected to careful analysis focusing on the functional and technical aspects, choice of facilities and materials and also implementation.

Aware of the importance that each project has for our customers (and for us), we are particularly concerned with the quality of the functional, technical and architectural solution proposed and of course the budget.

In this respect, through the regularity and volume of work entrusted to craftsmen and our different service providers, we obtain the best value for money and pass that on to our clientele.

In parallel with our constant desire to match the project with customer expectations, we never forget that all our farmhouses and country houses must generate strong exchange value potential to ensure our customers the best use value. A property is a safe and enduring investment and a genuine guarantee against unforeseen vagaries, giving you peace of mind.
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